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How to care for orchids after blooms fall 10:07
Orchid Care for Beginners - What to do after Phalaenopsis blooms fall Cutting spike & aftercare 12:39
Where To Cut Orchid Stem After Flowers Fall Off! 04:59
Phalaenopsis Orchid Care :Trimming Dead Roots, Removing old Orchid Blooms & Cleaning Orchid Leaves 12:55
How to properly care for Orchids 04:32

How to properly care for Orchids...

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How do I care for my orchids after blooming ends 01:11
Your Orchid Will Bloom all  Year Round. 7 Growing Orchids Tips You Should Know 03:50
How to get your Phalaenopsis orchids to flower again 07:24
Orchid Care After Blooms Drop - Just Add Ice Orchids 01:21
14 Easy Steps: Orchid Care For Beginners | Phalaenopsis orchid care for beginners 06:20
Orchid Care for Beginners - How to water Phalaenopsis Orchids 15:16
Orchid Care For Beginners - How to Get Orchids Rebloom Flower 12:17
WHERE TO CUT THE ORCHID FLOWERS AFTER THE FLOWERS FALL. How to take care after orchid after blooming 06:36
Where to Cut an Orchid Plant : Orchid Care & More 01:39
Orchid Care: How to cut off the old Phalaenopsis Orchid bloom spike and care tips for re-bloom it 04:44
Pruning Phalaenopsis Orchids to get them to rebloom. 02:47
3 Things To Do with Your Orchid After Blooming 06:32
Orchid Care Tips // Garden Answer 05:58

Orchid Care Tips // Garden Answer...

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Looking after orchids 03:34

Looking after orchids...

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