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PETITTI How to Cut Hydrangea Blooms for Vases and Dried Flowers 04:16
The Proper Way to cut Hydrangeas for Bouquets and Arrangements 01:33
How to Prune Hydrangeas 03:44

How to Prune Hydrangeas...

5.13 MB 190,75219 Agustus 2014
How and when to prune Hydrangeas 04:55

How and when to prune Hydrangeas...

6.75 MB 9,70821 Februari 2020
An Easy Guide for Pruning Macrophylla Hydrangea Plants 07:09
How to Cut and Dry Your Hydrangea 03:51

How to Cut and Dry Your Hydrangea...

5.29 MB 26,64420 September 2017
Hydrangea pruning: Don't sweat it! 09:17

Hydrangea pruning: Don't sweat it!...

12.75 MB 259,40326 Maret 2019
Pruning Hydrangeas 02:31

Pruning Hydrangeas...

3.46 MB 322,89109 Maret 2016
How to Cut Hydrangeas 03:33

How to Cut Hydrangeas...

4.88 MB 930 Mei 2018
How to cut & dry hydrangea blooms for the vase 03:07
How to Get More  Blooms From Your Hydrangea 05:21
Hydrangeas Wilting in Vase - How to Keep Cut Hydrangea Fresh 01:48
Annabelle Hydrangea Flower Farmer Tips For Cutting 04:22
How to grow hydrangea plant form cutting - My Personal Favourite 03:43
Pruning Endless Summer hydrangea in the Spring by 03:07
Gardening: Caring for Plants : How to Trim Hydrangea 01:35
How to Care for your Wholesale Cut Hydrangeas 03:22
How to Deadhead Mophead Hydrangea 09:50

How to Deadhead Mophead Hydrangea...

13.5 MB 4,04608 Juni 2019
Pruning & Fertilizing My Hydrangeas! βœ‚οΈπŸŒΏπŸ’š// Garden Answer 12:07
How to extend the vase life of fresh cut hydrangeas 02:15